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TikTok User Claims Cetaphil Copied Her Videos for Their Super Bowl Ad

TikTok user and her stepdad are accusing skincare brand Cetaphil of copying their videos for one of the new Taylor Swift-inspired Super Bowl commercials.

On Friday, the woman, named Sharon Mbabazi, took to her TikTok page and posted a series of videos calling out Cetaphil for releasing a Super Bowl commercial that ripped off several of their content videos. In the Cetaphil commercial, a father is watching football and tries every attempt to get his daughter to watch something on his phone, which she blocks in favor of doing other things, such as going through her skincare routine.  

The girl gives in after she hears about a “famous fan” in attendance at a game, seemingly a reference to Taylor Swift. In Mbabazi’s videos, her stepdad tries to read off the top news in the NFL, including Swift’s appearance at Chiefs games while she’s doing her skincare routine. 

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