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The Best Luxury Gifts for 2023

They say it’s better to give than to receive—but whoever came up with that particular idiom had clearly never looked at one of WIRED’s elevated gift lists. Bank-account-incinerating prices aside, we’d be very happy to be on the receiving end of any of these splendid items as, diverse as they are, each represents the pinnacle of their art, the zenith of exclusivity, and the very boundary of good taste—which only makes us covet them all the more.

Such a list, of course, has no business dealing with practicality—beyond sheer affordability, such notions take a backseat when you’re faced with something so expensive that you’re too terrified to use it.

So, think of this compilation as a test of nerve as much as one of temptation. And, who knows? If you’ve been especially well-behaved this year (we’d put achieving world peace as the bare minimum, TBH), perhaps you’ll make Santa’s very, very, very good list.

For more ideas that aren’t quite as extravagant in the price department, check out our many holiday gift guides, including the best Gifts for Outdoorsy People, Gift Ideas to Tempt a Home Chef, Gifts for Mom, and more.

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