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Super Bowl 2024 Commercials: This Year’s Best Ads, Ranked

Sadly, due to a distinct lack of $7 million, I will not be airing my own dazzlingly inane Super Bowl commercial this year. That being said, if anyone reading this has $7 million up for grabs, feel free to go through the usual channels to make an offer.

After all, it’ll likely take at least that much to get one off the ground for 2025, at least according to a recent Deadline-reported figure on this year’s offerings. Per Dade Hayes’ recent piece on celeb-focused ads for Super Bowl 2024, ads for the Big Game (more like the Biggest Fucking Game Imaginable) were “virtually sold out” as of November of last year, with the price tag on 30-second spots said to be as high as $7 million.

But what can you accomplish, exactly, in such a brief window of visibility? As again evidenced by this year’s lineup of star-stacked slices of capitalistic contrivances, it turns out there’s still plenty of ways to experiment with the form.

Below, dive deep into the soothing waters of high-stakes advertising with our ranked list of the 12 best Super Bowl ads of 2024. As for the game itself, that’s between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Usher, meanwhile, is headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

12. Homes.com

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