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Selma Blair Slammed for Viral Islamophobic Comment

Selma Blair is getting dragged off the internet after allegedly posting an Islamaphobic comment on Instagram.

Eariler this month, Blair posted a racist comment about Muslims in response to an Instagram clip of a man named Abraham Hamra speaking in support of anti-Arab immigration policies recently passed by Congress. The since-deleted comment attributed to Blair’s IG page thanked the man in the video and demanded all the “terrorist supporting goons” should be deported. 

“Thank you so much. Deport all these terrorist supporting goons. Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroyed minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate,” Blair wrote.

People on social media reacted to the problematic post, and it didn’t take long for Blair’s account to delete the comment.

“According to Selma Blair, I am a scourge unto the Republic. An interloper who should have stayed in the broken backwoods of the Muslim world where my dirty kind belong,” one user wrote. “She believes I should meet a terrible fate. This is who @BritishVogue wants you to believe is an icon.”

Others pointed to what they considered the hypocrisy of her comments, given Blair’s role as a disability activist.

“Selma Blair claiming to be a disability rights activist and while simultaneously being anti-Palestine—where thousands upon thousands are physically disabled from severe injuries and amputations caused by Israel’s constant attacks—is absolutely fucking wild,” one person tweeted. 

Deleting the comment didn’t seem to slow the criticism.

“Selma Blair exposed herself as a racist Islamophobe and then when people noticed, she deleted her comments,” another user wrote. “She also has turned off replies on instagram because, like all racists, she’s a fucking coward.”

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