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How to Watch ‘Oppenheimer’ Online Streaming, Digital Release

You’re now able watch the atomic bomb go off from the comfort of your own home.

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie “Oppenheimer” arrived on digital on Tuesday, Nov. 21. It comes exactly four months after its theatrical release on July 21, when “Barbenheimer” took the world by storm and broke box office records.

Fans of “Oppenheimer” will be able to buy the 4K Blu-ray DVD physically from Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. Digital storefronts like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Vudu, Xfinity, YouTube, Microsoft and Verizon will also make it available to stream in the near future.

So far, it’s surpassed $940 million at the global box office, which is unheard of for an R-rated, three-hour biopic. It’s also expected to be a major Oscar contender, with nominations for best picture, director, lead actor, supporting actor, supporting actress, adapted screenplay, production design, cinematography, editing, sound, visual effects and score in play.

Nolan’s movie has gotten positive reviews since its release. Variety chief film critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review, “Oppenheimer, of course, had every right to be haunted by the weapon he’d created. But he also possessed a kind of masochistic naïveté, forgetting the key lesson of the revolution he was at the center of: that human beings will always be at the mercy of what science makes possible. ‘Oppenheimer’ tacks on a trendy doomsday message about how the world was destroyed by nuclear weapons. But if Oppenheimer, in his way, made the bomb all about him, by that point it’s Nolan and his movie who are doing the same thing.”

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