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G Herbo Says He Was Told to ‘Troll’ Funny Marco

In an appearance on the latest episode of Drink Champs, G Herbo broke down his tense interview with Funny Marco and revealed his producers told him and Southside to “troll” the comedian.

“Marco, first and foremost, that’s my man,” he said at the top of the episode, as seen above. “We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview and shit. So originally, [Southside] was supposed to do the interview, like, the episode. And the head of his production staff told us to, like, troll him. Like, it was supposed to be a surprise to come on there to troll him.”

Herbo and his longtime collaborator Southside spent their entire appearance on Marco’s Open Thoughts interview series trolling the comedian. The episode went viral and many speculated the tense atmosphere wasn’t staged, which was further fueled by Marco saying Southside broke his $30,000 watch during a portion that didn’t make the final interview.

“We was a little off the sauce,” Herbo continued, noting they went a little “overboard” during the episode. “But the whole thing was to come on there and, like, intimidate him on his own show. Like, pull a him on him. I spoke to him before it even came out, and… I was saying we was good. I ain’t know if it was, like, a confusion between our staff and his production team, where they was thinking we didn’t want it to come out. We was like, ‘No, it’s cool, we ain’t really tripping.'”

He stressed that there wasn’t any “bad blood” going into the interview, with some speculation online that he and Southside wanted it taken down. “We ain’t never do that,” he shared. “I ain’t never tell ’em, ‘Nah bro, you got us looking crazy’ or some shit like that. It was still all love, you know what I’m saying?”

Herbo added he was surprised by how viral the interview went. “I had hit him and told him, like, ‘No it’s good, you know what I’m saying?’ Like, the shit with the watch and all that shit, we like, ‘Bro I got you,'” he said. “We was doing all type of shit, we was wylin’. … It’s all love bro, like, I know how it came out to the internet it looked like n***as was on some bullying shit. … That’s when I really took it serious, but I ain’t want to put nothing on the internet… I don’t really know how to really play the internet game.”

Watch the entire episode of Drink Champs above.

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