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‎Dolido Pero No Arrepentido – EP – Album by Fuerza Regida

California’s own Fuerza Regida held nothing back with 2023’s sprawling Pa Las Baby’s Y Belikeada. Driven by the hits “HARLEY QUINN,” “SABOR FRESA,” and “TQM,” that feature-heavy, 30-track full-length exists in stark contrast with its immediate successor Dolido Pero No Arrepentido. A comparatively back-to-basics affair, this six-song EP strips away the guests to focus on the core strengths of one of the best acts in música mexicana today.

The spirited opener “Enculado” exudes a distinct bad-boy appeal by way of lead singer Jesus Ortiz Paz (aka JOP) and his knowing vocal delivery. Next, he softens his approach ever so slightly for “Brillarosa,” a confident if inherently romantic cut. A sharper tone of righteousness carries the embittered yet defiant “TÚ NAME,” while closer “PXTXS” finds regret and remorse somewhere near the bottom of a bottle. All in all, JOP and his solid band of players prove once again that they don’t need anyone but themselves to make a great Fuerza Regida record.

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