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Home Business By Far built a buzzy bag brand. Can it do the same with clothes?

By Far built a buzzy bag brand. Can it do the same with clothes?

Taking a more elevated approach sets By Far apart from its peers, Gyosheva believes. For its lookbooks, it has teamed up with casting director Julia Lange, who has worked with Phoebe Philo (for her A1 lookbook), Stella McCartney and Mugler, among others, and Jane How, fashion director of Self Service magazine and a stylist for brands including Victoria Beckham and Isabel Marant. By Far is also focused on fostering relationships with other industry professionals who can use their influence, both online and offline, to help raise awareness through word of mouth. “We will keep connecting with people that inspire us,” says Ilieva.

Still, convincing buyers was a hurdle. Despite the credibility and recognition By Far has built thanks to the success of its accessories, retailers weren’t necessarily quick to commit to its ready-to-wear. “This is like a completely new venture,” says Gyosheva. “We needed to work double-time and even harder to prove that our vision makes sense in this category; that it’s new and innovative. Something [that buyers] like to see from the first collection is a straightforward and clear vision.”

However, some of its existing stockists were keen to see if the brand’s ready-to-wear would have the same strong sell-through as its accessories. “We couldn’t miss out on this opportunity,” says a spokesperson for Wow Concept, which has carried By Far accessories since its opening in March 2022, and has now picked up ready-to-wear. “The collection is very innovative and uses beautiful materials, especially the denim and knitwear.”

Gyosheva wants to take things slow. It’s why the brand isn’t launching ready-to-wear with a runway show at one of the main fashion weeks. “The plan is to reveal our story, and once we feel there is enough content out there and people are interpreting our vision in the way we want, it might be time for that kind of celebration,” she reflects. “If we had done a runway now, it might feel a little bit forced.” For now, the focus is on the product. “We want to be as true to our vision as possible and not be scared about the consequences.”

By Far is determined to make a name for itself in ready-to-wear without “leaning on the past too much”, adds Ilieva. “We use the past as inspiration, but we don’t get stuck in it because it worked.” She continues: “I dream that By Far can be a brand that is going to last many, many years, and that requires building our image and relationships slowly and meaningfully.”

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