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BBC Show ‘The Traitors’ To Get Spin-Off Show, Unmasking The Murderers – Deadline

The Traitors, which became the BBC’s biggest rating entertainment show in five years on its debut in 2022, will return for a second season in early 2024 and, in a sign of the BBC’s confidence in the format, be accompanied by a spin-off show.

While the main second season will air on BBC One, The Traitors: Uncloaked will air on BBC Two and the BBC’s digital platform, iPlayer. In it, players eliminated from the show will discover the identities of the traitors who got rid of them.

The BBC reports that the show will contain interviews with the eliminated contestants and also unseen footage.

Ed Gamble will host the show, which will also be available as a podcast. Claudia Winkleman – who also hosts the BBC’s biggest entertainment show Strictly Come Dancing – will be back on duty as the host of the second season of the main show.

Gamble told the BBC: “The first series was my absolute obsession and I cannot wait to delve deep into Series 2.”

The main show, which was inspired by the Dutch TV series De Verraders, brings together 22 players, with three being secretly told they are traitors. They have to plan to “murder” one other player each night, thus removing them from the game. A jackpot prize of £120,000 ($152,000) is on offer for either the traitor who makes it to the end of the series undetected, or the “faithful” who remains alive.

Production company Studio Lambert transformed the original show by placing the contestants in a spooky Scottish castle and adding gothic elements to the challenges.

The Traitors garnered 34million views on BBC iPlayer when it first aired in late 2022, and a third season has already been commissioned. It also won a Bafta Award and a National Television Award.

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